Wednesday 4 February 2015

Setsubun 節分

In Japan, we ate EHO-Maki  on February 3, this day we called setsubun day節分の日 which is the day before the beginning the spring. It was accompanied by a special ritual called as mamemaki豆撒き to cleanse away the evil spirits and diseased of the year. While throwing the beans in the house we said ONI SOTO! FUKU WA UCHI 鬼そと!福は内! which mean DEMONDS OUT! LUCK IN! This is a commond household practice in Japan.. My girl was enjoyed throwing the beans around the house, while i busy pick up the beans.. Hopefully luck will come to my family this year..

EHO MAKI is a Kansai region traditional (the area aroud Osaka and Kyoto) which later adapt to Kanto region (Tokyo area). They are sold everywhere, especially at the convenient stores or u can reserved at any sushi restaurant before few weeks. Why they are different with the regular Sushi?
- Eho Maki must contains seven ingredients because seven is a lucky number.
- It must not be cut (cut means cut off your luck).
- Facing the lucky direction when you eat it (do not stop mean chuck the whole maki in to your mouth), the direction changes every year. Make sure you get your compass..

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