Monday 23 December 2013

Japan Obagi Active Base Makeup Remover review

Have you come across Obagi Japan line? I search on the internet i couldn't find a English page for Obagi Japan line but it comes out another type of obagi skin care range on the english web page. I think Obagi Japan line is base on Asian skin and the other side is based on western country skin. I'm cant find any make up remover on the English web page as well.. i think its only available in Japan.

This is my second bottle of Obagi Active Base Face Make Up remover. The reason i repurchased this product is because it removes the impurities and make up from my face without leaving the oily texture after washing with water. First, i washed my hand and towel dry it. Then i will have two pumps of the oil and gently massage all over my face. Secondly, i will put small amount of water on my hand then slowly massage my face again. When the oil mixed with water it dissolve very fast and turn into a white texture then only i will wash my face with cleanser. The price is reasonable for me, it just cost me 2625 Japanese Yen. They claim that 1 bottle can last for 1.5 months and 2 to 3 pumps each time but for me it last for over 2 months , i used 2 pumps per day.. i highly recommend this face make up remover..

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