Saturday 21 December 2013

Review:La Mer Concentrated Eye cream

Hi guys, it's been awhile I stop posting review. All the pregnancy symptoms are killing me.. I can't have a good night sleep and tend to be more emo.. Can't stop my my eyes have dark circles, fine lines and puffiness.. I need to care my 1 year old daughter as well.. It is torturin me.. My eyes suddenly look so tired and dullness.. Gosh I'm still in my 20s how am I going to allow my eyes look like 40s?
While my hubby back from business trip I requested him to buy La Mer concentrated eye cream for me from the duty free shop.. Well, this eye cream is super pricey and La Mer claim that the eye cream able to last for 6 months.. The eye cream come with a applicator. I used the applicator to apply the eye cream on my eyes twice a day and it has a cooling sensation when using the applicator. Immediately i can see the result it reduce the puffiness on my eyes.. It's been a week now I'm using La Mer eye concentrated and my fine lines are reducing.. The texture of the cream are super light and yet still able to hydrate my eyes area. After apply the cream I use my forth finger to massage my eye area and it absorb immediately.It has a refreshing scent that make me feel relax. 
The ingredient of the product are Seaweed extract (source of amino acids and antioxidants); cyclopentasiloxane and glycerin (moisturize); eucalyptus extract (soothes); alfalfa and sunflower (antioxidants). 
Will you give it a try? 

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