Wednesday 22 January 2014

Shiseido Pure White W Review

Have you ever heard about Shiseido Pure White W? It is a whitening supplement... For ladies who wish to have a fair skin tone.. Asian ladies especially the Japanese ladies usually have a very fair skin tone what keeps them look so fair? Hardly to find a tan skin ladies on the street.. For Asian, fair skin tone means beauty.. the fairer you are the more attractive you be.. For those who are seeking for fairer skin this supplement would help. It will help your skin stay fair by preventing the appearance of freckles and sun tan. People who are worrying about skin damage caused by exposure of UV rays and want a good source of Vitamin C are recommend to take this supplement.

Although there are variety brands of whitening product in the market, i choosed Shiseido Pure White W because Shiseido is a very much reputable brand when it comes to skincare. You have to take 9 tablets a day, i just made mine 3 tablets for breakfast, 3 tablets for lunch and 3 before bed. The tablets are small and easy to swallow."Pure White W" is a beauty supplement to support those who seek to be pure white, a beautiful shining. Good for health and beauty and is known since ancient times, focusing on the power of real hidden Tari wolfberry (Lycium). In addition, the approach of (Portable) W balanced mix of astaxanthin, glucosyl hesperidin, a pearl barley and, 1000mg vitamin C, that they support and the power of component, the power to the original body has.

I do not have any freckles on face but i do have a large pores on my nose and cheeks. After a month, my cheeks looked clearer and glowing. My pores became finer and less noticeable. I'm glad this product worked well for me.. I will definitely continue to take this beauty supplement after my pregnancy. If you are looking for a beauty supplement or anti-aging supplement, you should give it a try..

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