Sunday 16 February 2014

Volcanic Mud Mineral Face Soap

Its been a long long time i din't update my blog.. My daughter crashed my laptop few weeks ago.. I just bought Macbook and my hubby present me Ipad Air on Valentine's Day.. What a lucky women am i..

I bought this Volcanic mud mineral face soap yesterday at HAC drugstore.. It cost me 1890¥, it is cheaper than Obagi Foaming Face Wash..  This Volcanic Mud Mineral Face soap has continuously won the MONDE SELECTION from year 2010 till 2013.. Monde Selection is a International Institute for Quality Selections, has been developing for nearly 50years now a unique expertise to test and analyse consumer goods from all over the world to grant them an internationally renowned quality award.

They using Japan SAKURAJIMA's volcano ashes with hyaluronicacid, polyquaternium, brown sugar, aloe extract and royal jelly to make the soap. They claim that this product are using 100% natural ingredents without coloring, no preservative and paraben free..  This soap comes with the bubble net..
The soap texture is a lil bit hard, i need to use my nail to dig a small amount of the soap out as the soap are so compact then only I put it in the wet bubble net.. Surprisingly, it makes a very thick and creamy texture bubble and it cleanse my face without drying it up.. I do not feel any tightening on my skin.. I have a combination skin... I think i can use this soap more than 4 months as it just need a small amount and able to make a bouncy thick creamy texture of bubble.. and the most important thing is it really does its job.. i feel my skin smoother after using it.. I hope you enjoy reading my blog..Have a good day.. 

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