Sunday 25 May 2014

SKII Cellumination Aura Essense Review

After my first pregnancy, my skin started to pop out some ance and the most annoying thing is ance scars.. I bought this Essence when its first launched in the early spring this year in Japan.. I was hoping this product works on my ance scars.. I applied twice a day two pumps each time after Facial Treatment Essence. I do apply emulsion and sunscreen after the essence to create the maximum result. It is a very light weight essence and it absorbed into my skin very fast. Well after i finished the whole bottle, it does brightened up my face but not my ance scars.. My scars still remained the same colour..

I went to Sogo Department Store yesterday to checked on my skin condition (not SKII counter), this counter belongs to the department store and they recommend you variety brand of cosmetics. They told me SKII Cellumination Aura Essence are not effective in brightened up the ance scars, they recommended me on other products. 

Cellumination Aura Esssence that is powered by Pitera and the new active complex soft Aura White which combines the signature ingredient with Ume Extract, Pixel White, Niacinamide and De-Melano P3C. They aims to achieving skin with a gentle touch of light, through brightening skin tone and minimising spots to deliver translucent aura white skin radiating from within. 

I recommend this product to those who want to have a radiant and brighten skin tone but not for people who wish to reduce their ance scars..  

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