Tuesday 20 May 2014

Green Tea Facial Soap Review

Here goes again.. I grabbed a green tea soap at the drug store as the wording attracted me 3 years continuously No.1 selling brand since 2011 Jan till 2013 Dec. Since it just cost me 1000yen plus i just bought it without think twice.. This green tea soap able to brightened up your face and it is 100% natural face soap. The main 7 ingredients are Kyoto Green Tea, Collagen, Jojoba Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Altea Extract, Olive Squalane and Ceramide to moisture and brightened up your skin..They did included milk into the soap and it is free from Paraben..

COW BRAND SOAP KYOSHINSHA CO., LTD. started their business since 1909 in Japan. They provide eco-friendly products which are gentle to the skin. It is a famous soap company in Japan as my lovely hubby who is a Japanese told me their body soap are gentle enough for newborn. 
The soap was cover up with a paper cover and it comes with a net to create milky bubble.. Yes it does create a very milky bubble and it smells great.. The green tea scent was so great and it really cleanse my face without drying it..i have a combination skin and it really does a great job on my skin.I don't think it brightened up my face because i spend most of my time at the outdoor with my lovely kiddo.. I highly recommend this product.. 

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