Thursday 24 December 2015

Review on Kose Kokutosei Gel

Recently Kose Cosmeport had come out a new series of Kokutosei (黒糖精). The concept of the product about fermented black sugar. They believed fermented product are super food especially black sugar is good for the face. They claim that the products moistures and plump up the skin without leaving your skin oily. There are two products in this series Kokutosei Fermentation Extract Face Lotion Toner and Kokutosei Black Sugar Essence Moisturizing Gel.
Well , i bought this Gel 2 weeks ago, now i decided to discard the gel. It has a very strong alcohol scent when i apply it on my face. At the beginning i just ignore the alcohol smell and continue to use it and it does absorb into my skin really fast. There is no stickiness on my face. I use twice per day after i cleanse my face. This product do not moisture my skin even it dry up really fast maybe the alcohol react it. Now my face has a sensation burning feelings, red patch all over my forehead and cheek. I'm not gonna purchase this products again. 
Kokutosei Black Sugar Essence Moisturizing Gel Ingredients:

1 Kluyveromyces / sugar cane stalk juice extract fermented liquid ※ 2 hyaluronic acid Na · hyaluronic acid hydrolysis ※ 3 polyquaternium -51 ※ 4 succinylhomoserine atelocollagen-soluble collagen ※ 5 button extract, GL glycerin.
White color Jelly texture

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