Tuesday 15 December 2015

Review on PREMIUM PUReSA Hyaluronic Beauty Mask

Again, shop at the drug store i found this mask was highly recommended by ar magazine.. So i just grab it since the weather is super dry now.. It is winter in Japan, i need to keep my skin supple... feed my skin lots of water-- hyaluronic acid...

PREMIUM PUReSA Beauty Mask is an ultra-nourishing Japanese Sheet Mask for plump, glowing skin.
The mask is made of 100% Japanese cotton sheet infused with 28ml rich serum that features a balanced blend of hydrants and natural oils including argan oil, macadamia oil and rosehip oil to nourish skin.
They claim that the mask is Coloring Free, Alcohol Free, Mineral Free, Silicone Free, No UV Absorbing Agent and Fragrance Free.. It is amazing.. Free of chemical~~~~ 
The remain serum in the package.. a lot huh... 
Overall, the mask did a great job. it does plump and moisture my skin.. on the next day my skin still remain supple and plump. Easy to put on make up as well. GOODBYE to my DRY SKIN...

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