Thursday 21 November 2013

Dr. Ci Labo Placenta Jello

Yeap, is placenta..When people talk about placenta what comes into your mind? Price or result? Or you feel odd about it? No matter how to feel or how you think, Placenta successfully hit the market, especially Japan. The trend has spread to Asia country such as Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia and Thailand. Japanese lady are truly obsessed with the beauty supplements, there are commercial everywhere and able to grab all the beauty supplement at convenient store and drugs store... 
Dr. Ci Labo Placenta Jelly
It contains three powerful beautifying compounds which is Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide PLUS Placenta extract 900mg (PIG Placenta not Human).. It is Rose and Peach flovour which is only 21kcal and decaffeinated.How bout the taste? Was is awful? I don't like their taste because it was too sweet and the scent was too strong compare to other brand. If you are on diet, these type of jelly will become your handy snack..low calories. 1 box contain 30 bars of jelly (1 month supplement).. 
How bout my skin? Not sure if it's made much of difference...I’ll probably have to eat bucket loads of the stuff for it to work..haha.. so will you give it a try? 

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